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YOUR Life,
your STORY

Hi, friend, My name is Aubrey McClanahan commonly confused with Mae Belle these days. I would be honored to capture special moments for you because I, too, have fallen in love, felt little baby kicks, held little toddler hands, and cherished every sloppy kiss from our four insanely adorable children. I understand the weight that a single photographed memory can hold, and I make it my goal to capture the truth in each of these precious moments.


Seven years ago I got to hold my first baby, Karper Flynn, and my mind always raced of how I could remember every feature. I had always been the art kid, but Karper instantly felt like my favorite masterpiece. Fast forward a year and we experienced great loss as we lost our second child shortly before Karper’s first birthday. It was the hardest thing I’ve been through yet, but I had a sense of hope. Personally, I find that in Jesus and I feel blessed to say not even a year after this loss we welcomed our little girl Maeli Grace. Motherhood was hard but everyday felt like it was going faster. Maeli inspired me with her heart shaped birthmark on her nose, to pick up my camera, to capture the hope I felt. Three months later we found out we were expecting our third miracle, Lana Belle. It was unexpected timing and I had my hard days but each day, I felt so thankful for these girls who truly inspired me to be thankful for each moment and to not let it slip away. In 2021, we had our last baby and his name is Beckham! We are incredibly blessed to have our children and my husband and I cannot be any happier!



I view photography as a delicate combination of art and truth, a moment captured to cherish your life as it is. Not to be anything it’s not or to create the next perfect profile picture. Photos capture reality and have this magical ability to freeze time which can make a person so full of perspective and gratitude when looking at them. I would be honored to work with you just as your are, living life one moment to the next hoping none of it slips away too quickly.


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